ACK: Aprs Client for Kotlin

ACK is a series of multiplatform Kotlin utilities and data structures for parsing Ham Radio APRS packets.


The ACK Parser provides data structures and a multiplatform parsing utility for handling AFSK AX.25 Frames as well as String frames from APRS-IS.

Note: The ACK Parser is still experimental.


The ACK CLI Client provides a jvm application for receiving data from APRS-IS, as well as file-parsing and other APRS utilities such as passcode generation.

Note: The ACK CLI Client is still experimental.

Android Application

The ACK Android Application provides APRS-IS and AFSK access to the APRS network as well detailed logs and maps.

Note: The ACK Android application is still experimental.


What is an APRS-IS Passcode and where do I get one?

Internet Services for APRS (APRS-IS) requires a passcode in order to publish data to the service. This is only required if you intend to broadcast your location to the Internet APRS services, and is intended to control spam and limit the sevice to licensed radio operators.

We do not assign these passcodes and they are generated from your license. There are different ways you can obtain these, it is up to you to obtain one properly for your license.

For the advanced user, the command line tool for ACK can also generate these for you.

Will the Android application work offline?


This application was designed specifically with offline in mind.

Internet specific features, such as APRS-IS will obviously not be available offline.

Does the Android application require Play Services?


I have gone out of my way to make sure that this application does not require Google's Play services and will function on nearly any Android device.